Threedles Bead Packs

I have received quite a few requests regarding where to locate beads and crystals for my designs. Due to the difficulty in sourcing the beads and crystals, and recognizing that most stitching stores do not have a large bead/crystal inventory, I have decided to assemble and make the following bead packs available. If you are interested in selling my bead packs please click here to send me an inquiry email  Contact Threedles. Please indicate if you are a store or an individual and which bead packs you are interested in. Note since most stores carry common beads (e.g Mill Hill) my bead packs do not include common beads; the bead packs focus on the crystals and bugle beads since they are more difficult to source and a relatively small number is needed per pattern.

Image of Bead Pack

Pattern Bead Pack
A Different View yes
Beads3 no
Butterfly Effect no
Cats Eyes yes
Cathedral yes
Classic Facets no
Cresents Only yes
Cuff & Pendant included
Diamond Eyes yes
Four Friends no
Fun With Ovals yes
Hexefoos no
Holiday Poppers no
La Mision yes
Log Cabin Fan no
Looking Glass yes
Mariposa yes
Pattern Bead Pack
Merry Bells yes
Mirror, Mirror yes
Oval One yes
Oval Two yes
Oval Three yes
Oval Four no
Pangea yes
Sands of Time yes
Scissor Case n/a
Seasonal Rays no
Triple Crown yes
2010 Ornament n/a
2011 Ornament yes
2012 Ornament no
2013 Ornament no
2014 Ornament no
2015 Ornament no