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In the spring of 2011 I released two new designs for 2011: Cat's Eyes and Mirror, Mirror. In August, 2011 I released A Different View which is highly customizable to your tastes. In the fall I finished working on Diamond Eyes.

Cat's Eyes - April 2011

This design is inspired by an image from our kaleidoscope collection. This time I attempted to have the design motifs be more interactive, while still using many fibers and stitches. I love finding or inventing stitches to go into just the right niche. I also love how using  beads and crystals add such a third dimension to the finished work. The initial piece is named after Cleopatra since it has the cat's eyes and the jewels. We settled on Cat's Eyes for the design, and named each after a famous somewhat mystical woman. This is my third design. Hope you like it. It has been very well received (Cleopatra's Eyes took first place at Woodlawn Needlework show in 2011 and Venus' Eyes took Best in Show at the Fiber Arts Fiesta 2011)! The finished work is approximately 11"x11" on 18 point mono canvas. Of course it is possible to stop at a number of intermediate points in the design and have a smaller finished piece.

Cat's Eyes - Cleopatra's Eyes
Cat's Eyes - Gaea's Eyes
Cleopatra's Eyes
Gaea's Eyes
Cat's Eyes - Venus's Eyes
Venus' Eyes

Mirror, Mirror - April 2011

This is a smaller and easier design that takes one section and its mirror image to make up the entire design.  I believe people will enjoy stitching it because once you have the first section done you know how to do the stitches, however the orientation changes, but a simple rotation of the canvas is all that is necessary. Again I have stitched three different colorways which yielded quite different results. I've added beads and crystals to embellish the end result, and you may too if you wish. The finished work is approximately 6.5"x6.5" on 18 point mono canvas. All three of these colorways are identical stitches, just different threads and colors.

My 16 year daughter Kiernin recently finished her first needlework piece. I let her free in the thread store and she came up with Carribean Seas.

Mirror Mirror - Carousel
Mirror Mirror - Embers
Mirror Mirror - Carribean Seas
Mirror Mirror - Victorian Jewel
Carribbean Seas
Victorian Jewel


A Different View - August 2011 

I've finished this project. I know some of you have been patiently waiting. I am excited about how it turned out. The pictures aren't the best as some of the mat lines seem bent; I attribute that to my photographer and the lens that was used. As you can see there are four separate large panels. I have six different panels written up for you to choose from. It is possible to do individual panels as an ornament or small piece as well. All these choices will allow you to customize your piece to your taste, or reproduce what I have done! The finished piece is approximately 10"x10" on 18 point mono canvas.

A Different View - Black
A Different View - Golden Glow
Golden Glow
A Different View - Koral Kiss
Koral Kiss

Diamond Eyes - October 2011  

Diamond Eyes concentrates on some fun stitches I have run across. I also wanted to expiement with a round result as opposed to squares. I started in mid August and finished three colorways and the design write up by mid October; a month ahead of my original schedule. Oddly the Dazzle colorway is getting picked as many peoples favorite. It is a bit jumpy, but different from the more traditionaly color schemes. Click to see the progression (last update 10/15) of work on the colorways. I have begun taking orders as of October 15, 2011. The finished piece is approximately 10"x10" on 18 point mono canvas.

Diamond Eyes - Blue
Diamond Eyes - Dazzle
Diamond Eyes - Allure
Diamond Eyes - Dazzle
Diamond Eyes - Intrigue
Diamond Eyes - Intrigue